Internal competitions

Four Internal Competitions Per Year

We have four internal club competitions each year. Members can submit  up to 2 entries into each of the following categories:

  • Prints (black & white)
  • Prints (colour)
  • Projected digital images (PDIs)

Prints should be mounted. (A standard size of mount is 40×50 cm, but members may submit smaller mounts.)

If submitting digital entries then each member should submit a memory stick containing only the competition entries and no other files. If more than two files are contained on the memory stick, then the competition secretary may select two files at random to go forward. Alternatively send them by email to the Internal competitions Secretary  at

File Naming

File names should include the membership number followed by the image title (e.g. 026_EarlyMorningLight.jpg) Images should be submitted as jpegs with sRGB colour space. They should be no wider than 1600 pixels and no higher than 1200 pixels. Each image must be entirely the original work of the member.


  • Naming: Please use three digits for your membership number. For example use 026 and not 26. This will help images to display in the correct order.
  • Website: We ask that members who enter internal Society digital competitions will allow the Society to use their images for this website or for other external competitions that the Society may enter. Copyright of photographs will always remain with the photographer. We will assume that you are agreeable to this unless you advise us otherwise.

Special Competitions

  •  Margaret Coull Trophy: This takes place once each season and is for photographs on a specific theme. Rules may vary from year to year
  • It’s a Knockout:  A light-hearted competition in which randomly selected images are projected two at a time. The audience decides the winner from each pair by a show of hands. This continues through a series of rounds until only the winner remains.