Winners: 1st Internal Competition


Congratulations to the winners of our first internal competition of the year. Here are the winning images:


1st, 'Vettrianoesque', Vron Wooton

1st, ‘Vettrianoesque’, Vron Wooton

2nd, 'Goshawk', Chris Reekie

2nd, ‘Goshawk’, Chris Reekie

3rd, 'Madame Bink', Vron Wooton.

3rd, ‘Madame Bink’, Vron Wooton.


1st, 'Cellardyke Harbour', John Drummond

1st, ‘Cellardyke Harbour’, John Drummond

2nd, 'When Angels Visit', John McNairn

2nd, ‘When Angels Visit’, John McNairn

3rd, 'Giving it Everything', Dave Vallis

3rd, ‘Giving it Everything’, Dave Vallis


1st, 'Blow Dry', John McNairn

1st, ‘Blow Dry’, John McNairn

2nd, 'Symmetrical Abstraction' Nicola Shepherd

2nd, ‘Symmetrical Abstraction’ Nicola Shepherd

3rd, 'Surfer at Dusk', Dave Vallis

3rd, ‘Surfer at Dusk’, Dave Vallis