Speaker – Libby Smith Wednesday 3rd February 2021


Another week for members to enjoy a talk on Zoom. The speaker this week was Libby Smith from Carluke a leading light from the Scottish Photographic Federation with her knowledgeable enthusiastic talk entitled Mastering Monochrome.

Libby started her career in photography over 25 years ago using a dark room to develop her pictures. Today however she has become a master at using computer technology to produce her stunning images. She talked us through how she uses the tools in photoshop to become more adventurous by using the finest of adjustments to make a picture more pleasant on the eye. Starting off with a coloured image she converts it to mono then she makes the finer adjustments to alter the shades and the grey tones to soften the image so that the blend makes the contrast between the subject and the background stand out. When it comes to the important point of printing the image she now uses a quality Dedicated Greyscale Printer. She only uses a range of quality printing paper as this produces a superior image. Libby finished her talk with a wave the cheery smile to leave the members uplifted.

Joe Peterson