Speaker – David Keep – Wednesday 24th March 2021

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This week was Presidents night the last meeting of our winter program. Traditionally the President chooses the speaker and this years President Emily Noakes invited David Keep from London to give his presentation entitled “Underwater Photography”.

This was an exotic choice for the members both in pictures and locations. David’s journey began in Phuket, Thailand with stunning shots of Clown Fish, Moray Ells and multi coloured Coral. He then moved on to Bunaken Island Indonesia with engaging shots of Sea Turtles in their natural environment, delicate Sea Fans and more contoured and colourful Coral.

David then showed his expertise with some unusual split shots of above and below the water taken on the edge of a Mangrove swamp. The contrast between the green above of the mangrove leaves and the brown stalactite like roots below were surreal. Then we moved on to the Lembeth Strait with shots of the amazing Hairy Frog Fish and the most stunning colour combinations of the sea Slugs.

The next tropical location was the Bahama Islands with pictures of Manatees, Tiger and Hammerhead sharks and even Crocodiles. His final destination was the Faroe Islands with shots of various seals. David showed his versatility and creativity with pictures taken in a swimming pool proving you can shoot stunning underwater shots in your own locality. The night ended with the members wanting more but as all good things must come to an end the virtual audience profusely thanked David for his presentation and Emily for her eye for something different. To see more of David’s amazing photography visit his website: https://www.davidkeepphotography.co.uk

Joe Peterson