Speaker – Paula & Guy Davies – Wednesday 15th December

  • Guggenheim-at-Night-Paula-Davies-FRPS

The Society welcomed Guy and Paula Davies to our last Zoom talk of the year. This couple from North Yorkshire are members of the Stokesley Photographic Society and give Permajet supported lectures around the country.

Guggenheim at Night by Paula Davies FRPS

The first part of the presentation was by Guy followed by Paula and it was aptly titled “Double Act 2”. Guy has been a serious photographer since 1989 and these years of experience flowed through his pictures. These were taken in many different locations including Scotland, Tuscany and Paris, Valencia and Bilbao, Santorini,  London, Cornwall, Liverpool, the Lake District and their beloved North Yorkshire. Some of his night shots in the London streets were in black and white for dramatic and artistic effect. He mined his expertise to capture the intricacy of the perspectives and angles in architecture. gdpix – Photography by Guy Davies

Then it was Paula`s turn to show her expertly taken pictures from similar locations. She described herself as a bit of a “Butterfly Photographer” in that she likes to flit between different styles of photography trying her hand at anything new. Quality shots taken in Valencia and Halifax showcased her talents. An I phone with 3 lenses is her latest camera, easy to carry and use. It is so technologically advanced that by using the app PiZap she is able to edit and process her pictures on the phone with stunning results. She also talked about the benefits of using quality paper and ink for your printing. The evening drew to a close with liberal thanks to two talented photographers. Pixelfoto – Photography by Paula Davies

Joe Peterson