Fourth Internal Competition (Feb. 2015)


The following photographs were successful in our Society’s 4th Internal Competition for the season 2014/2015, held in February 2015 and judged by Coline Ruselle from Tayport.


by John McNairn (1st place)

“Chrissie” by John McNairn (1st place)

by Audrey Peddie

“Zig Zag” by Audrey Peddie (2nd place)

By Stan Farrow

“White & Pink” by Stan Farrow (3rd place)


Tay Railway Bridge by John Drummond (1st place)

Moray Firth by Richard Cormack (2nd place)

Walking in the Snow by Helen Willis (3rd place)


Storms a Coming by Chris Wallard (1st place)

Light Leak by Marco Bongiorno (2nd place)

Angels Amongst Us by John McNairn (3rd place)

Bottoms Up by David Lee (Beginner prize)