Competitions: External

The Society participates in a number of competitions each season with other clubs in the local area, as well as in Scottish Photographic Federation competitions. Because these are competitions between clubs and not between individuals, the External Competition Secretary, assisted by a selection panel, decides on the Society’s entry. We always encourage members, however,  to make their prints and digital images available for selection.

These external competitions include:

  • Four-way competition between Dundee, Perth, Kinross and St Andrews.
  • Inter-Fife competition between Cupar, Dunfermline, Glenrothes, Kirkcaldy and St Andrews.
  • Three-way projected image competition between Cupar, Kinross and St Andrews.
  • SPF Projected Image Championship – an annual projected image competition between Scottish clubs (two rounds, each with 8 images per club). For details click here.
  • SPF Print Championship– open to all individuals entering through an affiliated club. Club results are based on the best 10 print scores (at least 4 monochrome, at least 4 colour). You can see details by clicking here.
  • Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB) GB Cup – an annual competition in which our Society usually enters, the entry comprising 10 digital images, with no more than two from any one author.
  • Scottish International Salon – organised by the Scottish Photographic Federation and held annually. Entries are invited from individuals and submitted as prints. Occasionally the Society will arrange a group entry from the club if there is sufficient interest.