Club Member Earns CPAGB

  • 01_CP1460_FadingMemories
  • 02_CP4160_StreetPrefect
  • 03_CP4160_RedHotSmokingChilie
  • 04_CP1460_Anemone
  • 05_CP4160_Holly
  • 06_CP4160_YouCanKeepYourHatOn
  • 07_CP1460_3PurpleTulips
  • 08_CP4160_Lulu
  • 09_CP4160_2Leaves
  • 10_CP4160_WhiteTulip

Congratulations to club member Audrey Peddie LRPS, who achieved her Credit award from the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (CPAGB) this past weekend at the assessments hosted by The Kent County Photographic Association in Ormskirk.

Achieving the CPAGB Award requires submitting a set of 10 prints or 10 digital files — of a good Club standard — and these are reviewed by 6 adjudicators, who award each a score between 2 and 5. The lowest score per picture is thus 12, the highest is 30, and to succeed, all pictures must collectively score at least 200 points.

10_CP4160_WhiteTulip 09_CP4160_2Leaves 08_CP4160_Lulu 07_CP1460_3PurpleTulips 06_CP4160_YouCanKeepYourHatOn 05_CP4160_Holly 04_CP1460_Anemone 03_CP4160_RedHotSmokingChilie 02_CP4160_StreetPrefect 01_CP1460_FadingMemories

Congratulations to Audrey and a big “Well Done” from all at the club.