Results: 2nd Internal Competition


2nd Internal Competition top three results……..many thanks to David Hay, of Perth Photographic Society, for providing an insightful and humorous critique of our work.
Congrats to all those placed in the top three!
Top Three’s as follows –
PDI – 1st, ‘Cloves of Garlic’, Emily Noakes
2nd, ‘Summer Sands’, John McNairn
3rd, ‘Mavis’, Vron Wootton


1st Place – “Cloves of Garlic” by Emily Noakes

Summer Sands

2nd Place – “Summer Sands” by John McNairn

Mono Print- 1st, ‘Broadcasting Seed’, Chris Reekie
2nd, ‘Tangled’, Mathew Schwartz
3rd, ‘Into the Light’, Dave Vallis


1st Place – “Broadcasting Seed” by Chris Reekie


3rd Place – “Into the Light” by Dave Vallis

Colour Print – 1st, ‘The Witches Vision’, John McNairn
2nd, ‘Three Pears’, Nicola Shepherd
3rd, ‘Bluebottle’, David Ogden

The Witch's Vision

1st Place – “The Witch’s Vision” by John McNairn



2nd Place – “Three Pears” by Nicola Shepherd



3rd Place – “Bluebottle” by David Ogden