Wednesday 20th September, Speaker, Hunter Kennedy


A very descriptive and visual feast of images was presented to the club by the current SPF President Hunter Kennedy, entitled ‘Past and Present’.

His early images were all from the days of film and the not inconsequential cost of printing. Once creating an A3 image by printing 2 halves of an image and splicing them together! Many of his early images depicted people in his local area, especially farming, and capturing the various events at Highland Games around Scotland. Not so easy with a single shot camera to catch that action moment. All these images were black and white.

Hunter eventually made the transition to colour, as technology developed, he started to experiment with Cibachrome, for some the most beautiful hand colour printing process. It however was expensive and very time consuming.

Hunter continued to delve into his archive of printed images, exploring his minimalist style, especially for his landscapes. It was absorbing to hear how many of the images came about and the process by which he arrived at the final print.

Seeing Hunter’s images under the light stand did not do them justice and only when you looked at them closely was the expertise and quality so very evident. This was an amusing, entertaining, informative and thoroughly enjoyable evening.