St Andrews Flowers and Produce Show Winners


Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 St Andrews Flowers and Produce Show:

  • Class 120: Lichen Patterns on a Stone or Rock (Mono): 1st David Ogden, 2nd Joan Riddell, 3rd Richard Cormack.
  • Class 121: Still Life of Gardening Sundries (Colour): 1st Chris Reekie, 2nd Sybill Scott, 3rd Richard Cormack.
  • Class 122: A Butterfly on a Plant (Colour): 1st Alaistair Ramsay, 2nd Joan Riddell, 3rd Chris Reekie.
  • Class 124: A Spiders Web (Colour): 1st Alaistair Ramsay, 2nd Richard Cormack, 3rd Joan Riddell.
  • The winner of the Kingsbarns Challenge Trophy was Alaistair Ramsay, with Class 112 ‘A Butterfly on a Plant’

Spider's web by Alaistair Ramsay