Practical Night Wed 27th September


Practical nights offer a great insight into the methodology of how photographers approach the many different aspects of creating an image. This evening three of our members each gave an illustrated talk on their preferred workflow in Photoshop and Lightroom.

Up first was Nicola Shepherd. Nicola led us through step by step the art of creating a composite with layers and masks, adding texture, building an image, from the initial photo through to the finished article. As layer masks are non-destructive and leave the original image intact. Members were able to see the transformation, through the various stages. Once you master layers masks, it opens up your creative side to experiment combining images you feel might work together.

Next Audrey Peddie focused on the art of enhancing a landscape image. Starting with the practical aspects of finding a good location, identifying the best time of the day for light. Using the internet and google earth to great effect. Before we stepped into Photoshop, Audrey describe some of the settings she uses for her landscape work. Audrey’s style is to enhance a landscape by bringing out the detail that is already there. Not by adding colour and textures. Audrey moved from Raw to Photoshop, describing the workflow she adopted. Working with a black and white image to develop the detail in the final image. Audrey shared with the members a selection of her photos taken in Harris at the start of the year, reflecting on the changes she had made to arrive at her final image.

Lastly. But not least, our fine art exponent, John McNairn, concentrated on the minute detail necessary to master an exquisite portrait image. As many portraits concentrate on the eye of the model and the skin tones, John demonstrated his personal techniques to enhance and bring out the radiance. John described how to change the background to complement the overall tone of the image.

Each of the presenters ably demonstrated why they have achieved awards and continue to be very successful at all levels externally and within the club. As with any practical night, the only way to find out what you took in, or in many cases what you did not, is to try for yourself. All three were given a very warm round of applause.