Dianne Owen FRPS, Speaker Wed 19th Sept


The first speaker of a new season sets the benchmark for the coming months syllabus. And Dianne Owen FRPS certainly did not let the members down, attracting a few from visiting clubs as well, to hear about Dianne’s work, and see and touch many of her simple, yet intricate works of photographic art, using textures and brushes.

A double blue badge winner at the Edinburgh open salon demonstrates the level of expertise and beauty in many of her images. Unquestionably the level of quality of her prints come from her mastery of the printing process and the various types of paper she uses to bring out the depth and subtlety of her chose subject matter. Dianne has been creating fine art prints for over 20 years and is now a ‘Brand Creative’ for Hahnemuhle print papers.

The labour which is invested in each image is a result of every element composed and created by Dianne. A texture can be a creation of four or five to bring about one pre-made. In layer the pre-made textures, Dianne will use opacity to alter the consistency of the layer through the image.

Dianne described the process of creating the images with multiple layers, surprisingly, never using a blending mode, very competent in the use of the eraser tool. She emphasised how she was always prepared to change an image through a second processing, with different textures and paper and how they react with the image.

The images displayed during the evening represented a very wide spectrum of subjects. From dogs, wildlife, landscapes, houses, drink cans, cutlery, taxi cabs and trees. During her talk, Dianne reflected on the emotion which she interprets her images with, and how she may be feeling at the time, while listening to music, creating an inclusive environment, from where she draws her inspiration.

The members were very appreciative of her time at St Andrews. If you have not seen any of her work, you should look at her website. Inspiring.