Ist Internal Competition Winners

  • Lights On Manhattan Alison Donald Lights On Manhattan - Alison Donald
  • Abernethy Forrest Light Chris Reekie Abernethy Forest Light Chris Reekie
  • Giraffes in Sandstorm Chris Reekie Giraffes In a Sandstorm Chris Reekie
  • Impressions of luskentyre Nicola Shepherd Luskentyre Nicola Shepherd
  • Girl on blue Salerno Philip Graham Girl on Blue - Salerno Philip Graham
  • Quill Stan Farrow
  • The Coming of Autumn Stan Farrow Coming Of Autumn Stan Farrow
  • Keeping Watch Chris Reekie Keeping Watch Chris Reekie
  • Heartwood Chris Wimlett Heartwood Chris Wimlett
  • Dancing Lily Nicola Shepherd Dancing Lilies Nicola Shepherd
  • Feather, Stone and Rusty Can Stan Farrow Feather, Stone and Rusty Can Stan Farrow
  • Forest In Snow Richard Cormack Forest In The Snow Richard Cormack
  • Lovely eggs at Indytracks Mathew Schwartz Lovely Eggs at Indytracks Mathew Schwartz

Congratulations to our winners of the 1st Internal Competition 2018/19 very ably judged by Ian Tulley ARPS.

Here are the results.


  • 1st Lights On Manhattan by Alison Donald
  • 2nd Heartwood by Chris Wimlett
  • 3rd Abernethy Forest Light by Chris Reekie
  • 3rd= Girl on Blue. Salerno by Philip Graham

Colour Print:

  • 1st  The Coming of Autumn by Stan Farrow
  • 2nd Keeping Watch by Chris Reekie
  • 3rd Feather, Stone and Rusty Can by Stan Farrow
  • 3rd= Dancing Lilies by Nicola Shepherd
  • 3rd= Luskentyre Blues by Nicola Shepherd
  • 3rd= Giraffe In Sandstorm by Chris Reekie

Mono Print:

  • 1st Quill by Stan Farrow
  • 2nd Forest in The Snow by Richard Cormack
  • 2nd= The Lovely Eggs live at Indietracks by Mathew Schwartz
  • 2nd= Road to Nowhere by Stan Farrow