Speaker Dawn White Wed 25th Oct 19 – The Magic of Monochrome


Respected photographer and educator Dawn White, a member of Dundee Photographic Society spoke to members on the ‘Magic of Monochrome’. Dawn broke down her talk into three sections, all relating to monochrome images. Looking at the editing powers of Lightroom and Photoshop. Images from the Scottish Photographic Federation and Advanced editing for monochrome.
What makes a strong monochrome image? The texture, the dynamic range, strong shapes, minimalism, active sports action, architecture, portraits, street, still life, long exposure, abstract. Dawn presented images which clearly identified the impact of a well-crafted monochrome image across these range of subjects.
There are numerous ways in which to convert to monochrome. Dawn presented the members with her preferred methodology and process, of converting into monochrome using lightroom. Initially improving the colour tones, converting to black and white, using the sliders to create impact in the contrast and texture of the image. The targeted adjustment tool is very useful to control specific areas within the image. Very often it is as practical and simple to use the auto adjustment to black and white. This can deliver very effective results. Which can be altered to personal choice.
Adding colour to a black and white image has been out of vogue for a while. Through a visualisation of a selection of images, Dawn reflected on the impact selective colouring can have on an image.
The selection of images Dawn used throughout the evening helped to demonstrate the power of monochrome. They were varied in their style and execution. Each defining their individual quality and appeal. Dawn was warmly applauded for her informative, insightful and enjoyable talk.