Speaker – Kit Martin Wednesday 22nd Jan – Cyanotype and other Darkroom Experiments


The Society last week had as a guest speaker Kit Martin whose talk had the intriguing title, Cyanotype and other Darkroom Experiments. The Cyanotype process to create photographic images was first used in 1842  but was adopted as a copying technique now known by the term “blueprint” as used in technical drawings. This is because the image created is white on a blue background. It uses a mixed solution of chemicals then exposure  to sunlight [ultra violet light]. Kit has had a varied career since she graduated with a degree in Biological Imagery in Derby. From being a Medical Photographer for the police in Lothian to working with various environmental groups such as Waste Scotland. She also found time to complete a course in Cyanotype at DCA in Dundee.  Her interests in photography covers  a wide spectrum with Photograms, Chemigrams and Pinhole techniques . The Verdant Works in Dundee which was originally a Flax mill before becoming a Jute mill has held her exhibition of cyanotype and other images on both Jute and Linen fabric. Always keen to try something different she has done experimental  Solargraph work at the seaside using chemicals, the waves, combined with exposure to the sun to develop her images on fabric. Kit is currently working with a bookbinder on Lumen prints. This fascinating night finished with a question and answering session.