Speaker – Les Forrester- Wednesday 16th December – An Affinity with Monochrome.

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It seemed wholly appropriate that our final speaker of 2020 gave a presentation entitled “My Affinity with Monochrome” after all to many it has been something of a colourless year. The speaker was Les Forrester a highly respected photographer now based in  Yorkshire with a delight of architecture and taking fine art minimal long exposure pictures. His twin passions for architecture and photography came across with his use of angles, light, shade and depth. He then demonstrated how he takes his colour images then uses the tools on his computer to enhance and create stunning black and white (monochrome) pictures. It was a delight for the  members to be shown how they can also use those techniques from someone who has such knowledge dedication and enthusiasm for his art. During his presentation Les showed various captions of thoughts from other photographers. The one that seemed to encapsulate the essence of his approach to his passions was “Don’t shoot what it looks like, shoot what it feels like”, a sentiment we might all like to adopt. The evening closed all to quickly and in the absence of joining with the speaker in the traditional munching of mince meat pies washed down with a glass of mulled wine we bid Les a fond metaphorical cordial Scottish yearend toast.


Joe Peterson