Speaker – Peter Paterson Wednesday 2nd December – Iceland, Land of Volcanos and Glaciers.


This weeks Zoom meeting had as our guest speaker Peter Paterson a Scottish photographer, who specialises in landscapes and still life. As the weather has taken on a distinctly wintery feel, Peters talk was most apt as it was titled “Iceland, Land of Volcanoes and Glaziers”. Stunning vista after stunning vista transported members along the road around this remarkable rugged Island which straddles one of our planets crust fault lines. The spectacular rock and ice forms photographed, not forgetting the wild life, showed just how beautiful mother nature can be in the raw. One of the most notable aspects of the Island is the lack of trees but pictures of the mosses, lichens and alpine flowers showed that you can still have beauty and colour as they begin to cover the cooled lava fields. Photographs shown were taken by Peter on visits to Iceland  in 2010 and 2014 and he remarked on the effect international tourism was beginning to have on the Island. To obtain pictures from the best viewpoints around the hot guizers and waterfalls you sometimes had to join a queue. Peter showed the members some of his photographs in both colour and black and white to emphasise the advantages of both mediums when searching for the superior image. This enjoyable evening drew all to quickly to a close with members questions and warm expressions on screen, on a cold evening outside.

Joe Peterson