Speaker – Ken Scott – Wednesday 10th November 2021

Ken Scott Photographer

To the theme of mindfulness in photography the societies thought provoking presentation this week was by Ken Scott with its  title “Joy of Seeing”.

Ken from Brighton, with a background in Psychology, is by profession a photographer who holds workshops both at home and in Europe being best known for his landscapes and the different effects of light. He invited his audience to come with him on a journey of finding stillness through photography. The  mountains of the Scottish Highlands along with the Alps and the Pyrenees are amongst his favourite subjects and he took us on a journey showing his expert use of the effect of different light with many stunning pictures.

He has spent the last 14 years  on his “ Project Infinity”  https://touchingthelight.co.uk/portfolios/project-infinity/ taking one picture ever day which sounds easy, but how do you chose what, where and when to take that photograph. He invited  his audience to consider 10 steps to overcome  the “barriers to seeing” suggesting that we should see again with a child’s curiosity, learn to love the familiar and the mundane, break the rules, be authentic don’t follow the crowd. Develop the confidence to express yourself by photographing anything using colour for colours sake mindful of lines, shapes and see the big picture and the small details.

The “importance of light in photography” is a well worn metaphor but Ken Scott demonstrated the truism of that statement with his observations and insights into the art of photography. The night ended all to soon leaving the audience wanting more but thanking ken in the usual manner.

Joe Peterson