2nd Internal Competition Winners 2021/22

  • Drying-Lines-Caroline-MacDonald
  • Jump-About-by-Mathew-Schwartz
  • Roof-Lines-by-Philip-Graham
  • Picture-Window-by-Nicola-Shepherd
  • Yachts-by-Chris-Reekie
  • Barnacles-and-Twine
  • Dawn-Over-City-by-Philip-Graham
  • End-of-the-Line-by-John-Drummond
  • Staying-Safe-by-Stan-Farrow
  • Valley-Road-by-Philip-Graham

Congratulations to the winners of our 2nd Internal Competition judged by Les Loosemore via Zoom.

Colour Images:
1st Place: “Drying Day” by Caroline MacDonald 2nd Place: “Jump About” by Mathew Schwartz 3rd Place: “Ridge Lines” by Philip Graham

Highly Commended: “Yachts” by Chris Reekie and “Picture Window” by Nicola Shepherd

Commended: “Barnacles and Twine” by Emily Noakes and “Dawn Over City” by Philip Graham.

Mono Images:

1st Place: “End of the Line” by John Drummond 2nd Place: “Staying Safe” by Stan Farrow 3rd Place: “Valley Road” by Philip Graham

Highly Commended: “Ghosts of Dundee” by Mathew Schwartz and “Reflection” by Chris Reekie

Commended: “Face to Face” by Frank Riddell, “Through the Ancient Doorway” by John Peacock and ” Walking Home” by Caroline MacDonald. Well done to all involved.