Speaker – Neil Sneddon Wednesday 11th November – Developing Recovery


On the 11th we had something completely different from Newport based Neil Sneddon who is a social worker working with addicts in Dundee. His thought provoking presentation entitled “Developing Recovery” was accompanied by a series of black and white images with captions. These were taken by recovering addicts, their family or carers. Neil had handed out utility cameras to 40 of these individuals and asked them to take 40 photographs of what recovery meant to them. The results were diverse and poignant as you might expect. The most unusual was 40 images of burnt toast covered with blackcurrant jam. Once Neil had selected images, one from each camera including the toast, he asked the photographers for a statement to accompany their picture. They also say that every picture tells a story and these pictures certainly did. As is the case with those struggling with recovery from addiction some of the photographers have since sadly died. Neil has put together an exhibition about recovery from addiction using those pictures and accompanying captions which has been shown in various venues in Scotland but also in New York. 

If anyone would like to make a donation in support of people in need Neil has kindly suggested donating to Taybridge head Foodbank Taybridgehead Foodbank – Helping the community

Joe Peterson