Andy Hall, First Guest Speaker Of New Season


Emily Noaks warmly welcomed out first guest speaker of the winter program Andy Hall. Residing in Stonehaven he titled his talk Decisive Moments – the Art of Photography. A member of his local Camera Club Andy is a well known and respected and published Scottish photographer of landscapes and abstracts. After a lifetime in teaching he now devotes most of his time to weilding a camera and giving tutrials. A well travelled photographer he talked us through his inspiring top quality program from Santorini, Venice, NewYork, the Outer and Inner Hebrides and of course the east coast of Scotland. Andy on his travels uses a compact Sony camera that he can fit into his pocket for convienece. Henri – Cartie Bresson 1908 to 2004 a renouned early French photographer has influenced Andys perception of how photographs should be taken. Andy talked whitingly and knowledgeably through what he described as the six steps nessesary to taking good pictures. 1, Absorb the situation that surrounds the subject that you wish to photograph. 2, Distill the location and time of day to make the most of your subject. 3 Compose a picture in your mind of the outcome you wish. 4 Anticipate what might influence the shot. 5 Wait, be patient until the right momement arrives. 6 Capture the subject. Like many Andy had a lock down project but his culminated in him publishing another book of his photographs. One of his previously published books was on Glasgows Govan which brought him complimentary comments from Sir Alex Ferguson a proud export from Govan. Be origional dont follow the herd is Andys motto and always remember to use TLC that is to consider Timing, Light, and Composition. The evening ended with a question and answer session with the adience wholeheartedly thanking Andy for inspiring his audience to take better pictures.