Phil Cooke. Shooting Seascapes


At the latest meeting of the Society we had the privilage of having as our guest speaker a local from Fife, Phill Cooke a renouned award winning Seascape and Landscape photographer. Our President Chris Reekie welcomed members and Phil with his customery aplomb. Phil`s talk was titled “ Shooting Seascapes”. This was a toure- de- force talk by an expert shining a light on all that is best in taking Seascape and Landscape pictures. He explained in detail his meticulus approach to his craft, in a clear and precise manner that was easy to follow especialy for the newer members with the older hands nodding in approval at his tecnical expertise. He emphasized using a sturdy tripod and the use of a cable release so that your camera is stable on uneven surfaces especialy on the beach if you want to take quality pictures. This is esential when using longer exposures. Also have at your diposal extra lenses for those special shots as some of your locations may be remote. One thing he did stress is that you have an indepth familiary of your camera and its controls as you may be using it in very little light around sunset. Fumble and the money shot you have patiently been waiting for can be missed. Phil takes inspiation from the great Seascape and Landscape painters as they have been able to blend all aspects of light, shade, depth and colour onto the canvas something he strives to create in his pictures. The evening closed with questions and a warm thank you to Phil.