3rd Internal Competition (2022-2023)


Here are the results of 3rd Internal Competition, as judged by Phil Cooke.


  • 1st: Flaps Up, Chris Reekie
  • 2nd: Green On Red, Philip Graham
  • 3rd: Light From The Close, John Drummond.
  • Commended: Shaft Of Light, John Drummond
  • Commended: Ring In The Rain, Joan Riddell

Colour Prints:

  • 1st: Kestrel Portrait, Chris Reekie
  • 2nd: Daisy Heart: Frank Riddell
  • 3rd: Black Sheep Barista, Mat Schwartz

Mono Prints:

  • 1st: Taylors Lane In Dundee, Mat Schwartz
  • 2nd: Clydesdale, Chris Reekie
  • 3rd Flats: Chris Reekie