Summer Challenge and Syllabus Date Corrections


Two date updates for your diary. The syllabus lists the incorrect dates for:

  • The 4-way competition with Dundee, Perth and Glenrothes at Glenrothes. The correct date is Sunday December 4th 2016.
  • The 3-way battle in Cupar in February. The correct date is Monday February 13th 2017.

Summer Challenge
In his speech during opening night chairman Chris drew our attention to the programme for the year ahead and he urged us all to take part in the ‘Summer Challenge’.
The theme for this competition is ‘Nature’. As we all know, Nature photo competitions have very strict rules, but for this occasion the rules have been somewhat relaxed to encourage as much participation as possible. Under normal conditions ‘the human element and man cultivated hybrid-plants’ are excluded , but on this occasion you will be allowed to take pictures in your own garden. The story telling value of the image is as important as the pictorial and technical quality, (you are allowed to sharpen and use HDR etc. if you so wish), but any form of manipulation which alters the truth of the photographic statement is still not allowed.