Speaker – Abi Warner Wednesday 26th February – An Accidental Nature Photographer


On Wednesday 26th February members were delighted to view the excellent nature photography being undertaken by St. Andrews based nature photographer Abi Warner.

Abi has used a camera since she was seven years of age and has studied photography. Her initial nature photography was undertaken in the St. Andrews area in locations she could easily access on foot from home.
She is particularly interested in the effects on nature of climate change and the negative effects of population on natures beauty, this was illustrated by an image of rubbish discarded by careless individuals on the edge of a field of wild flowers.

Her images presented ranged from sand patterns on local beaches, the natural effects to be observed in frozen puddles, to birds and animals including newly fledged swifts or house martin’s, squirrels, beaver and badgers. Her sequence of images of swans from their initial nest building through the hatching of their cygnets and to the eventual departure of the young birds catalogued the natural cycle of the species.

Copyright Abi Warner

Abi’s photographs of owls on the Links have been used by the Links Trust whilst other images have appeared in both the Times and Daily Mail newspapers. Abi has had well deserved success in the Scottish Nature Photographer Competition. Her photography now takes her further afield in the search for her chosen subject matter with photographs of mountain hares, deer and game birds amongst her extensive collection of stunning images.

Her photographic work can be viewed on her website at Abi Warner Photography. The site is currently being updated but should be available to view later in March. Members were advised on both the photographic equipment Abi now uses as well as given guidance on settings she has used to achieve some of her images taken in difficult lighting situations.

The evenings presentation was greatly appreciated by the members present.

John Peacock