4th Internal Competition Results

  • 3731_Leftovers_edited-2
  • 3502_A-Rose-in-the-Shieling
  • 3604_Turnstone
  • 3002_The-Rosary-and-Key
  • 3119_Dundee-VandA_m
  • 3204_Old-Faithfull

This week the Society held the last of their 4 Internal Competitions. As the competitions this year have had to be held online we have been able to secure the services of judges from much further afield.

This time the Society had the pleasure of welcoming the entertaining Gareth Martin from Aberfan South Wales who is a well known and respected U K judge. Gareth is a prolific photographer but has a special passion for Mono [ mainly black white ]. The Colour section had 34 varied entries for Gareth to cast his expert eye over and give his constructive opinions.

3rd place went to Chris Reekie for his excellent shot of a “Turnstone” the bird standing in a stream. In 2nd place was Stan Farrow with his cleverly constructed layered picture with its descriptive title “Rose in the Shieling”. 1st place went to Joe Peterson for his evocative “ Left Overs” the remains of a bird carcase.

The Mono section had a respectable 29 entries. 3rd place went to Mathew Schwartz for his individual take on the much photographed construction that is the “Dundee V & A”. In 2nd place was Stan Farrow for his entry of another meticulously constructed layered picture with the descriptive title “The Rosary and the Key”. 1st place was taken by Chris Reekie of his simply stunning picture of a dog titled “Old Faithfull”.

The Society members watching on “Zoom” thanked Gareth for the time and dedication he had shown in judging our competition and the Society thanked all those members for their entries and wished them every success in future competitions.

Joe Peterson